From July 4 to August 7, 2018, take advantage of our summer season culinary events and enter to win a travel voucher worth CHF 2'000.– or one of 49'000 immediate prices. Get your SUMMER deal now.

Early morning highlights

  • Coffee and muffin


    For a successful start to the day: Sweeten your day with a freshly baked muffin and a cup of organic/fairtrade coffee. The offer is available every day until 11 a.m. For just CHF 6.95*.

  • Sandwich and lemonade/syrutea


    A homemade combination with a new twist: Enjoy a fresh sandwich and a cool lemonade or our new creation, a fruity sirute, for only CHF 9.95*. The offer is available all day.

Highlights available after 11 a.m.

  • Summer salad and crispy chicken strips


    A crisp summer salad served with delicious crispy chicken strips. What could be better on a beautiful summer day? Package for CHF 15.95*.

  • Chicken drumstick and side order of your choice


    Enjoy a juicy chicken drumstick with sage, peppers, and Kalamata olives. You can select your side order from our summer salad and vegetable buffet. Package for CHF 14.95*.

  • Dessert


    Are you looking for something different to curb your craving for sweets? Let us dazzle you with different sumptuous petite desserts each week. Whether you choose our coconut panna cotta with wild berry compote or raspberry yogurt and mascarpone cream, sweet lemon cream or a banana split – prepare yourself to be seduced by our array of delectable choices. CHF 2.95* each.

* Prices only valid at Marché Restaurants and Bistros at highway service stations.

Eat & win

Get your scratch ticket at the check-out, scratch the field and redeem one of 49,000 instant prizes at the check-out.* 

Present the ticket to participate in the main draw to win a travel voucher worth CHF 2,000.


*Scratch tickets only while stock lasts.

Creations for your summer party

Are you still searching for the right recipes for your next cookout? You will find ideas for summer delicacies and fruity refreshments on our page for hobby cooks. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Hobby cooks