Tastes of the World

Join us on a culinary world tour to our employees’ countries of origin.


Discover rotating exotic dishes during this four-week period and join us on a delicious four-part journey.

  1. EUROPE – July 17 to July 23
  2. LATIN AMERICA – July 24 to July 30
  3. ASIA – July 31 to August 6
  4. AFRICA – August 7 to August 13

We look forward to your visit and our joint culinary adventure.

… here we go!

EUROPE – July 17 to July 23

Feast your way from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean and enjoy fresh ajvar, Hungarian lecsó, or a spicy chorizo rice salad.

Hungry for more? Here you will find an overview of our offerings. Enjoy your meal!

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LATIN AMERICA – July 24 to July 30

Experience Latin American flair with intense flavor when tasting our typical chimichurri, a tempting quinoa salad, or Peruvian relleno.

Curious? Here are all our special dishes at a glance!

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  • Third stop – Mexico

    Once we arrive in Latin America, the incredible variety of Mexican cuisine will stand out. This is no surprise, because Mexican cuisine was developed from the cultures of ancient indigenous peoples, such as the Maya, Aztecs, and Zapotecs, and is certainly worthy of an expedition.

    ¡Qué aproveche!

  • Fourth stop – Brazil

    «Being refreshing is a must.

    Due to the warm climate and the many exotic fruits available, we always invent new combinations. One of my personal favorites is strawberry and passion fruit lemonade. 


  • Fifth stop – Peru

    Explore Peruvian cuisine from the incredibly varied selection of exotic fruits to the more than 3000 potato varieties that grow in Peru. Whether the potato originally comes from Peru or from Chile can no longer be determined. However, it has been proven that the potato already existed several millenia ago as a wild variety in the Peruvian Andes. We can look forward to all kinds of dishes featuring this ingredient.

    ¡Buen provecho!

ASIA – July 31 to August 6

Wanderlust can best be satisfied with savory papaya salad, a refreshing cucumber and matcha lemonade, or a Vietnamese summer roll.

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  • Sixth stop – China

    Once you have arrived in Asia, you would do well to review your manners.

    Here you can slurp to your hearts content because this is the only way, soup tastes good and can be easily eaten. However, anyone who completely polishes off a meal insults the host. Only the rice bowl may be empty; otherwise it looks as though there was not enough for everyone to eat.


  • Seventh stop – Malaysia

    «For an exotic coconut flavor, we use pandan leaves in Malaysia. This superfood gives tapioca pudding the perfectly sweet and nutty note that I remember from my childhood.

    Selera makan yang baik!»


  • Eighth stop – Vietnam

    Rice is also a big deal in Vietnam!

    Here, the same word is used for “food” and “rice.” It’s a staple food for the entire population for a reason. The rice is not too strongly seasoned, but prepared with very fresh ingredients.

    Chúc ngon miệng!

AFRICA – August 7 to August 13

Experience Africa with all your senses and try South African chakalaka, a tempting banana mascarpone cream with dates, or traditional tabbouleh.

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  • Ninth stop – Senegal

    The last part is all about communal meals!

    In West Africa, people usually eat with their right hand, and the food is served in a large bowl. Before a meal, everyone washes their hands with water from a small bowl that is passed around. You always eat what is right in front of you.

    Nassi diam böri!

  • Tenth stop – Ethiopia

    «Nothing reminds me more of home than a dish prepared with niter kibbeh. This butter contains many aromatic herbs and spices and is mostly used in the preparation of various meats. It gives every dish a special flavor.

    ጥሩ የምግብ ፍላጎት!»

  • Eleventh stop – Morocco

    Nothing is more reminiscent of Africa than its spices, and spices are used extensively in Moroccan cuisine.

    Saffron, cinnamon, mint, ginger, cumin, pepper, coriander, and parsley – the markets offer all kinds of spice blends. One of them is ras el hanout, a mixture of 25 spices. Spice blends from all over the world are also available for sale in our restaurants.


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