Ticino – We’re back!

After more than two years of planning and eight months of construction, we are back in Bellinzona with renewed freshness. The two newly built Marché Restaurants Bellinzona Nord and Bellinzona Sud are the first of the new Marché generation.

Our proven and popular marketplace concept remains but has been reinterpreted: Marché aims to delight its valued customers with updated, contemporary offerings, new and natural materials, modern equipment, and timelessly elegant design. The spacious and bright market area is reminiscent of a market hall and offers space for inviting presentations and innovative services.


Marché’s food offerings remain true to their seasonality and regionality, yet are adapted to today’s needs. We place a high priority on continuously enhancing our offerings, which allow us to provide our guests a large variety and quickly address their requests. Located far from the hustle and bustle of the freeway, our guests will find comfortable seating areas and the rest they need. Any guests in a hurry may take advantage of our expanded take-away offerings and enjoy our freshness on-the-go.

  • Street food

    Street food is an essential component of any marketplace. Delicacies from around the world, ideal for snacking on-the-go. We offer chicken satay, dim sum, burgers, pitas, tacos, and fish and chips. Enjoy a culinary journey through our offerings.

  • Crispy fried

    Freshly prepared by our chefs and deep-fried to perfection: spring rolls, empanadas, or our delicious Marché fries. No one can resist our crispy offerings from the deep fryer. Enjoy your Marché fries with various toppings such as alpine herbs, truffle mayonnaise, or chili con carne. As an alternative we also offer carrot, beet, and parsnip chips.