Clean Toilets

A matter of cleanliness.

Our concern is to make your visit to our service stations as pleasant as possible – this includes clean and well-maintained restrooms. We are situated in very busy locations with many dining guests as well as guests who do not dine in our restaurants and who only use our toilet facilities. In order to allow us to offer clean and well-maintained restrooms, we ask CHF 1.– (euros are also accepted) for the use of this service.

You pay CHF 1.– if you use our Clean Toilets. In return, you receive a value voucher worth CHF 1.–. You can redeem it immediately or within one year in all Swiss Marché and Cindy’s.
So remember to use your value voucher immediately after using the toilet or save it for your next order.

Our little guests get to use the restrooms free of charge through the kids’ entrance. Moms and dads can find our well-equipped changing stations in the women’s as well as in the men’s restrooms. Our guests with disabilities can also travel in a relaxed manner: At all our locations you will find wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities.

Did you know? Our men’s restroom is particularly environmentally friendly. The urinals function without water and are manufactured using a CO2-neutral process.

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  • Clean Toilets – Marché Bellinzona Nord
  • Clean Toilets – Marché Bellinzona Nord
  • Clean Toilets – Marché Bellinzona Nord