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You may have lots of questions – we have the answers to the most frequently asked ones.



Information for regular customers:
The freshCARD replaces your coffee and loyalty cards.
If you register your freshCARD at, you will benefit from the same and even more advantages, except now you simply collect Coffee Points and Fresh Points.
Your existing cards will be valid for a year from the date of issue or until December 31st, 2019. Existing credit balances on the cards cannot be transferred to the freshCARD.

Are there special discounts for regular customers?
Our regular customers receive a special discount in the form of our freshCARD. If you have registered your freshCARD at, you will enjoy the following advantages: You receive 1 Coffee Point per hot drink. Once you have collected 10 Coffee Points, you will receive one hot drink free. For every CHF 15.– you spend, you receive 1 Fresh Point. Once you have collected 10 Fresh Points, you will receive a discount of CHF 15.– on your next purchase of CHF 15.– and up.

Where can the freshCARD be used?
You can take advantage of the freshCARD at all Marché, Cindy’s, and Zopf & Zöpfli locations throughout Switzerland as well as at Zigolini Café in Bursins.



Does Marché offer gift cards?
You can also give the freshCARD as a gift card. The freshCARD is available at the check-out registers of all Marché, Cindy’s, and Zopf & Zöpfli locations throughout Switzerland as well as at Zigolini Café in Bursins. When you load the card with CHF 100.– or more, you will receive an additional 5%.


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What happens to lost property?
Valuables are kept for a maximum of 1 year and clothes for 1 month. Please report directly to the corresponding restaurant if you have forgotten something at one of our locations.

Is it possible to make a reservation?

Yes, with pleasure. Just contact the desired restaurant by e-mail or phone.

Do you also offer vegetarian dishes?
Yes, our menu changes daily and is always freshly prepared on site. We always have vegetarian options on our menu. Ask about daily specials in our restaurants.

Do you also offer gluten-free dishes?

Yes, in our restaurants you will find various gluten-free dishes, such as at the salad buffet, at the vegetable counter or at the grill. If you have an allergy or food intolerance our staff will be pleased to provide information about the ingredients in our products.

How is the slogan “fresh, healthy and fast” put into practice?
Marché is the original in front-cooking and stands for a healthy diet as well as market-fresh products. The focus is on freshness and high quality. We prepare seasonal (and, if available, local) ingredients right before our guests’ eyes. We uphold natural foods on the strength of our gentle preparation and it is important to us not to use preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers. Experience food consciously with all your senses.



Are there discounts for bus drivers?
Bus drivers and tour guides benefit from our bus bonus program and their orders are free of charge. For each visit with passengers who eat at our restaurants the bus driver is entitled to a free meal and in addition he will receive a voucher worth CHF 10.–. The vouchers are valid for two years from the date of issue and can be redeemed at all Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG franchises. For empty trips, the bus drivers will receive a 50% discount on their order.

Where and how can bus vouchers be redeemed?
Bus vouchers can be redeemed in all Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG franchises within two years from the date of issue. Please enter your name and the company on the voucher. If you have expired vouchers, please contact our Customer Service via

Can bus passengers use the toilet free of charge?
Guests who eat in our restaurants can use the toilet for free with the Clean Toilets value voucher. Non-eating guests will certainly understand that they must pay a small fee for the use of modern, clean and safe toilets.



What does the concept of Clean Toilets entail?
Clean Toilets provides clean and well-maintained toilets at any time. The guests pay CHF 1.– (euros are also accepted) for the use of this service. In return, they receive a value voucher in the same amount which can be redeemed in all Swiss Marché and Cindy’s and is valid for one year.

Can I exchange the Clean Toilets voucher for cash if I have previously eaten a meal and have already paid for it?
We cannot issue cash for the voucher, since this would lead to abuse of the privilege. The voucher is valid for one year in all Swiss Marché and Cindy’s.

As a guest, do I pay to use the toilet?
You pay CHF 1.– if you use our Clean Toilets. In return, you receive a value voucher worth CHF 1.–. You can redeem it immediately or within one year in all Swiss Marché and Cindy’s.

Clean Toilets


Which children’s meals do you offer in your restaurants?
Our Kids Menu lets children choose what they order on their plate and in their glass. According to their taste, the children select their individual menu from the market stall (excluding grilled meat specialties). A beverage of choice and a mini dessert are a great way to complement the meal. Valid for children up to 9 years.

Are there changing tables in your restaurants?

Changing tables in our restrooms or separate changing stations are part of our basic facilities and are always at your disposal in nearly all Marché Restaraurant.

Is there anywhere I can warm up food for my baby?
At our Baby Service Station you will find everything you need to prepare baby food: microwave, bottle warmer, kettle and bibs. These facilities are available in almost all our Marché Restaurants.



Are there also Marché Restaurants abroad?
Yes, however, these restaurants do not belong to the Coop Group, but are managed by Marché International AG.

Are there any other franchises that belong to Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG?
Yes, beside the Marché Restaurants, Cindy’s Diner, Zopf&Zöpfli, Così, five Burger King® franchises, Zigolini Café and the Hotel Bellinzona Sud in Bellinzona belong to Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG.