Picky’s events

There’s always lots of action – fun and games with Picky are guaranteed!

Picky’s events 2018

Whether you are baking Easter bunnies, making your own tea bags, crafting for Mother’s Day or coordinating a large party for kids – Picky will gladly organize exciting and fun events for you at any time of the year. All you have to do is decide when and where you would like to embark on the next adventure. Picky is looking forward to seeing you!

Picky’s events 2018
  • Marché Heidiland, March 28, 2018: Bake an Easter bunny

    Welcome to the Easter bakery! Spend an afternoon in the bakery with Picky and bake your own Easter bunny. Sign up now by e-mail.

    > Marché Heidiland

  • Marché Gunzgen Süd, April 25, 2018: Make your own herbal oil

    Picky will show you how to make your own herbal oil. Sign up now by e-mail.

    > Marche Gunzgen Süd

  • Marché La Côte Lac, May 9, 2018: Make some herbal salts for mom

    Mom’s the best! Picky will help you make your mom happy by creating great herbal salts with you. Sign up now by e-mail.

    > Marche La Côte Lac