Welcome to Picky’s world

Traveling is so exciting! The coolest destination: Visiting Picky in the Marché Restaurant.

Picky says “Hello!”

Picky is the mascot for Marché – have you already discovered the little fluffy seagull? For example, on the dishes from which you eat the delicious Picky Kids Menu or the surprise gift that you receive with it? Picky is pleased about every visit from you and your family.

  • Marché Relais St-Bernard, June 15, 2019, from 1.30 p.m. to 4 p.m., big kids' party

    Summer is here! Stop by for lots of exciting games and fun activities. Our tasty buffet offerings will ensure that no one goes hungry. Sign up now by e-mail.

    >Marché Relais St-Bernard

  • Marché Glarnerland, August 21, 2019, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., kids' party

    Summer is here! Celebrate with Picky and his friends. Lots of exciting games and fun activities await you. Plenty of drinks and food will be available troughout the afternoon. Stop by and have some fun!

    >Marché Glarnerland

Picky Kids Menu

You can decide for yourself what you would like on your Picky plate: Do you prefer chicken nuggets with fries or rather a bratwurst with half a rosti? Along with your meal, you get to fill the Picky glass with a beverage of your choice – the delicious syrup is ready for you. The fun doesn’t end when you finish your meal. At the checkout you’ll receive your surprise gift. Every month, we think of something new for you: crafts, puzzles or games.
Only CHF 8.50 per child

This offer excludes grilled meat specialties. Only for children up to 9 years of age.

Family Package

Your meal is on us: If your Mom and Dad order a minimum of CHF 25.– we offer you the Picky Kids Menu with a great surprise gift!

The offer applies per CHF 25.–: For an order of CHF 50.–, your brother or sister will also receive a free Picky Kids Menu.

Playing and romping around

  • Kids’ play corner

    In the play corner you can climb, paint and play while Mom and Dad relax. You’re also welcome to take a colorful balloon with you. What fun!

  • Outdoor playground

    What could be cooler than run around outside in the fresh air at the playground? It is a real treat to look forward to, especially after a long drive. Hurry on in to the next Marché Restaurant!

Picky and Jens Müller

Artist Jens Müller has brought Picky and his friends to life. We asked the designer a few questions.

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