Working at Marché

With us you stay fresh, through and through.

Since 2014 we have been part of the large Coop family and guarantee you secure jobs as a Swiss company. You will experience a refreshing mix of cultures at our restaurants. We cultivate a respectful and cordial approach in our teams. Open and honest feedback and an appreciative, cooperative management style are important to us. And in order to always keep our employees up to date, we offer various training and development opportunities – whether by Marché or the Coop Group.

Are you open to freshness? We look forward to hearing from you!

  • «As a mom, I appreciate the flexible working hours, since they allow me to combine my family and my job.»

    Ivana Nikolovska «Sandwich Queen» at Marché Würenlos
  • «In addition to my studies in economics, this job offers me the perfect diversion. I enjoy the contact with the guests.»

    Jonas Zöllig «Cappuccino Foam Master» at Marché Deitingen Nord
  • «I would already be retired, but I don’t want to think about quitting yet. I love to pass on my knowledge to the younger generation.»

    Ruth Thoma «Dishwashing Professional» at Marché Glarnerland
  • «As a novice in the restaurant business I had the opportunity to work at Marché® and be promoted to team leader.»

    Kirushna Asokan “Expert in Asian spices” at Marché Kemptthal

Our staff enjoys a great number of benefits:

The health of our staff is worth a mint to us. At the event “One healthy year”, we award one gram of gold to all employees who weren’t absent a single day. Employees who were healthy for two or more years receive twice as much gold as a reward.

Work-life balance is important to us, as are holidays: We offer enough vacation days to take time off. Up to age 20,  our employees enjoy 6 weeks of holidays, employees between 20 and 50 years of age get 5 weeks and from 50 years 6 weeks of holidays.

  • As a result of the merger with Coop, our employees benefit from the Coop staff discount card. Look forward to discounts and special offers from the companies that are part of the Coop Group.
  • We promote the independence of our employees. They are well prepared for their new tasks with our e-learning tool and feel secure in what they are doing.
  • Languages are important. We are happy to support those who want to communicate even better with our guests by offering language courses.