Fair trade coffee – responsible enjoyment

Enjoy our coffee specialties made from organic/fair trade coffee beans with a completely clear conscience.

Facts: fair trade coffee in Switzerland

The annual coffee consumption in Switzerland amounts to 9 kilos of raw coffee per capita. The market share of fair trade coffee is slightly over 10% – this corresponds to approximately 3,150 tonnes of raw coffee. Just under half (43%) of the fair trade coffee sold in Switzerland is also certified organic.

Why purchase coffee with the fair trade label?

Coffee is one of the most important export goods. Approximately 25 million producers worldwide – mainly smallholders - grow it. Fair trade coffee farmers are united in democratic cooperatives and can thus combine their market presence.

How does fair trade work?

• Improved incomes and increased financial stability for smallholders
• Autonomy and assumption of responsibility thanks to participation in democratically organized cooperatives
• In addition to investments in productivity and quality, fair trade premiums enable development projects, such as the construction of schools, as well as investments in water projects or medical care
• Important contribution to the development of rural areas
• Protection of natural resources and promotion of organic farming

Small bean – big impact

Fair trade strengthens small coffee farmers so that they can sustainably and independently improve their lives. This is also demonstrated by the “La Florida” coffee cooperative in Peru and the story of coffee farmer Teófila Díaz Vásquez.

Who is behind the label?

The Max Havelaar Foundation is a nonprofit organization that awards the Swiss fair trade label for sustainably grown and fairly traded products. As a member of Fairtrade International, Max Havelaar improves the lives of small farmers and plantation workers in developing and emerging countries but does not itself engage in trade. Key responsibilities of the Max Havelaar Foundation include creating market access for fair trade products as well as providing information and raise awareness concerning fair trade in Switzerland.

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