The Marché story

From yesterday to today – our fresh timeline.


The first Marché Restaurant

“On Wednesday, November 2, we will open our newest restaurant. It is called ‘Marché’ and is located at Königstrasse in Stuttgart. It is more than simply a restaurant. It is a restaurant world.” 
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 1983


The first Marché Restaurant in Switzerland

Marché Neuenkirch Ost is the first Marché Restaurant in Switzerland to be situated directly along a highway. In the same year we opened Marché Bellinzona Nord & Sud and Marché Glarnerland.


Regional products

Schürch Getränke in Rothenburg was one of our first suppliers and has been supplying Marché Neuenkirch Ost since it opened.


Marché Heidiland

Our flagship – perhaps the best-known rest stop in Switzerland – opened its doors! Distinctive features include the charming turret and the legendary ‘Heidi’ and ‘Peter the goatherd’ play area right at the entrance.


Picky the mascot

The Marché mascot Picky – the fluffy little seagull – is introduced. Even today, Picky is an integral part of our kids’ concept and recognizable by our little guests through kids’ parties, the Picky Kids Menu and giveaways.


The freshness strategy

Our employees take part in the development of our fresh dishes. We keep adding imaginative, employee-created recipes that you can only find in our restaurants.


Marché Natural Bakery

We freshly bake our own bread on a daily basis: In our Marché Natural Bakery we adhere to the standards set by the traditional baker’s trade. In other words: flour, salt, yeast, water, and selected ingredients for refining are all we need.


ADAC service area test

Marché Relais St-Bernard wins the ADAC service area test!


Marché Catering

Catering of the freshest variety is born: on-site fresh market square atmosphere complete with an exceptional live cooking experience to delight all the senses.


Best of Swiss Gastro Award

Marché Airport Zürich takes 2nd place in the Best of Swiss Gastro Award!


Coop family

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG is now officially a part of the Coop family. As of January 1, 2014, Coop takes over the Swiss highway restaurants and the franchises at Zürich Airport from the Mövenpick Holding.


The new Marché generation

In May 2018, Marché Bellinzona Nord and Bellinzona Sud reopened featuring a reinterpreted marketplace concept. These are the first Marché restaurants of the new generation. The updated food offerings and the new interior design will gradually be extended to all Marché Restaurants in Switzerland.