Picky and Jens Müller

Artist Jens Müller has brought Picky and his friends to life. We asked the designer a few questions.

What is so special about Picky? What’s Picky really like?
Jens Müller: Picky is always ready for a good time and ever cheerful. He can also get angry, however – but never for too long.

You illustrate Picky in a variety of different outfits: which Picky do you like best?

Jens Müller: Hmm, difficult question. Maybe the Norwegian troll, the Alm-Uncle, or Picky in his Halloween costume.

  • «Although drawing pictures can be an actual job, you can draw anytime you wish. What’s much more important is that you enjoy it.»

    Jens Müller Qualified designer

How did Picky’s friends originate? Why are they Picky’s friends?

Jens Müller: Picky was created in 1997 and in the same year, Picky met mouse and duck during a contest. The cow was added about six years ago – I guess you could say it found me.

How did you choose your vocation?  What do you do for fun, aside from drawing?
Jens Müller: Art – the only school subject that I was interested in and where one could get high marks even without talking. I also enjoy working on and riding old road bikes, as well as listening to music.